Saint Mary of the Annunciation Parish is a warm and welcoming community of people from many different ethnic backgrounds. Our Parish Church was dedicated in 1996, on the anniversary of the election of John Paul as Supreme Pontiff. Today, our parish family continues to grow in the tradition of the Holy Family, providing many opportunities for spiritual growth and worship, and for participation in numerous ministries that offer support to our parish and community. Our parish is known as a community where . . . 

All Are Welcome!

The Diocese of Richmond has published names of clergy with credible and substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor. The links above will take you to a message from Bishop Knestout. For more information go to the Catholic Diocese of Richmond Website.


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Welcome to our website! On behalf of our Staff, I am so happy that you are here to find out more about us and what we offer at this wonderful parish. St. Mary of the Annunciation Parish in Ladysmith is open to provide an oasis of prayer and community for all who seek the peace that the world cannot give. We place great emphasis on the primacy of prayer, especially through the sacramental life of the Church. Our mission is “All Are Welcome!”.

Are you not a Catholic? You may be curious about our beliefs and practices, may want to join us for various activities, or are interested in experiencing our liturgical life. In all instances, our parish community welcomes you and will be most willing to answer your questions.

Are you Catholic? Saints throughout the ages never tire of reminding us of the power of the Sacraments and prayer, especially communal prayer. Take advantage of the opportunity to sanctify the day by coming to Daily Mass every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday or by visiting the church to say the rosary or spend time with Jesus in the reserved Eucharist. Praying with and for each other conquers evil in the world and in our lives.

Are you a non-practicing Catholic? Curious about revisiting our Catholic roots? Whether you are motivated by a spirit of inquiry or are seeking a return to the Sacraments, St. Mary of the Annunciation Parish can help you achieve a greater understanding of the Lord’s Good News and His unrelenting love for us.

Rev. Alexander Muddu